PR and Marketing: Let’s get together

Wake up. Take a shower and think about the clothes you want to wear today. That’s fine, you can take a few minutes more (or maybe an hour) to figure it out. Put on your clothes. Comb your hair gently: Straight? Curls? Curls are perfect. Don’t forget about makeup. Some perfume, and we’re done. Wait… Maybe other shoes?

The way we dress, the colors we wear, if we buy a tea instead of a coffee and where we buy it, making eye contact, walking fast or slow, even a little smile after a “thank you”, all this things can speak by themselves because we are constantly communicating.

If I look back in time when I was starting my bachelor’s degree in media communications – marketing and publicity , I see myself as a teenager who thought that the entretainment world was fun. Of course I had no idea of how important and essential the media communications and the public relations were, and how we are exposed to their influence all the time.

An average person is exposed everyday to approximately 3,000 advertising impacts everyday, which is more than a million a year. Not mentioning the brands that we see on people’s clothes, cars, the coffee they drink or the big signs with the name of the store/brand on it. Not only out at the street but inside of our house too.

Now, how is marketing related to public relations? I thought they were different from one another, and it has always been a matter of discussion between the two parts, but now I realize that both has more in common than some “marketing haters” may think.

Our lives are based in public relations. Just as the marketing principle, we all try to promote and sell ourselves, but we do it through our attitude and actions instead of a media coverage. One of the things that I’ve learned at the CCPR program so far, is that our job is to be the link between the company and the public, creating an entire identity depending on the objectives that the company has set. To build and maintain the reputation of the company that we represent, is like building and maintaining our own reputation, and this is a goal that both PR and marketing can materialize.

There are professionals working really hard to make the companies succeed, and I dare to say that those companies wouldn’t be that successful if it weren’t by marketing and PR professionals, because together they can make big things happen.

This post is dedicated to my colleagues, because we are about to be on front of what other people has built with effort and years of dedication. As communicators, we were given powerful tools that make us capable to create a message, and this message can spread like wild fire and have a direct influence in people’s choice. Let’s make it worth by using this gift to communicate in a wise way, always respecting ourselves and others, keeping in mind our values and where we come from.






2 responses

  1. Interesting post! I agree that we are constantly using communications and using PR for ourself. Our lives are based on PR. In order to understand how to properly represent an organization, we must create our own image as individuals. I think this has been pot rayed a lot in our studies so far.

  2. Really like the post. It’s true that people tend to separate PR and marketing when the truth is they are integrated, now cannot leave without the other

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