Managing the project of life

I missed the true colors workshop, that is why I had to work on a different assignment, but I did this test and I found I was orange and blue. Yes, it might sound a little bit crazy, but no, I actually accept the best of both worlds. Even though I don’t think it should be taken that literal, the general idea of the meanings of the colours is close to reality, at least in my case.

Orange and blue. Together they sound like a big contradiction, but actually they make me bring to the surface positive aspects about me, and the best part is that I have a few from both. Sorry, am I being too orangey now?

For a reason that I’m trying to figure out, I am terrible as a planner of my own time, but when I have to work in a group, I feel more responsible and encouraged to accomplish the immediate goals or at least be there in case that someone needs me.

I introduce my colours for you to understand this awkward and uncomfortable situation I have with my friend “time”. Time is one of the enemies of project managers, a significant constrain that clients sometimes don’t understand at all.

Throughout this program, I have learned something beyond the educational facts, and is this metaphor I was thinking of since I had to prepare this post, and it is something like: Life is a project and we are the managers. As simple as that.

I can find similarities even in some parts of a project brief, for example, the evaluation. The results will be measured according to our development. It is important to choose measurable goals, is what they taught us, but is there a way to measure success or happiness? Because those are a couple of the main objectives we all have set for our lives and jobs.

I dare to include constrains, like the budget, because money is not always there when we need it, even for the lucky ones born in a wealthy family. Money comes and goes and we need to make important decisions to use it wise.

I already talked about time, but what about that sheet or board where we actually see the tasks and the days we have to complete them. Of course I’m talking about the schedule. Sometimes we think we have all the time of the world. Just because the brief is due to the next week, doesn’t mean we have a one week vacation to start working the night before (have you ever been there? I know)

About constrains in people, well, just as money people come and go too, that’s why I think it is important to train yourself to manage all the things you can and avoid depending on anyone, because at the end they may go like we all do to for different reasons, and the tasks will stay still until we start working on them.

Along our lifetime, we experiment all this ups and downs, amazing experiences that make us gain knowledge and not so good moments that makes us stronger and give us a valuable hint to not make the same mistakes again. It makes me think of the research I have to do before starting everything for class, “do some research to see what they have done in the past.”

I can say that project management as a subject, has provided me with tools to be more organized and to not be scared of time or schedules. Once you trace a plan and have the will to do it, things will start to come up.

I was asked to comment my thoughts about the role project management plays in the corporate communications/public relations industry, what I think is obvious after some reflections, but to sum up, I think that project management is the key to be clear and make clients, colleagues or chiefs, to really understand what an idea or project is about. This way we avoid a lot of inconvenients and stressful times, and the results will be optimum for everybody.

Now that I see it as a project; with short, medium and long term goals, objectives, risks that I could easily identify through a SMART or SWOT analysis, this situation with time and schedules, should be solved as soon as I carry out my plan.